I believe that we’re stronger together than we are on our own — that all Alabamians win when everyone gets a fair shot; when everyone does their fair share; and when everyone plays by the same rules.

That means focusing on job creation and building an Alabama economy that preserves and expands the middle class; protecting our environment and natural resources; ensuring our children have access to the very best public schools; guaranteeing that all people have quality, affordable healthcare, and working across the aisle to make sure you get the representation in Montgomery you expect and deserve.


Small businesses and job opportunities form the lifeblood of our community.  As a small business owner and operator, I understand the changes needed to support entrepreneurial success and job market growth in House District 4.  I will focus on:

  • Preparing our community to fill new jobs and reap the benefits of new opportunities, such as the recently-announced automobile plant in Limestone County.
  • Regulation reform that preserves public protection while reducing onerous or unnecessary requirements.
  • An ongoing review of statutes and regulations affecting small businesses to ensure they meet public protection goals while imposing the least-restrictive financial and technical requirements.
  • Adult training, retraining, and placement programs to prepare our citizens for the job market.


Alabama cannot continue to lag in educational achievement if we hope to be ready for the changing world.  As the job landscape shifts through automation and international competition, we must prepare our children for the economic and social demands they will face as adults.  To meet the looming challenges, I will focus on:

  • Identifying and achieving ambitious but practical goals to improve the quality of education, including improved teacher recruitment and retention; key curriculum changes; upgraded facilities; online learning integration; and student evaluation that does not intrude on learning.
  • Finding new funds for education from non-traditional sources and ensuring all public funds are directed to our public schools.
  • Expanding trade and technical paths in our public schools and directing them to current and anticipated local job opportunities.


Corruption, criminal activity, and immoral behavior have become unacceptable hallmarks of Alabama politics.  I will provide honest, moral, and effective representation for the hard-working people of House District 4 and hold responsible those who do not. I will focus on:

  • Keeping an open line of communication with constituents through regular, convenient, and open meetings with the citizens of House District 4.
  • Providing a complete list of campaign donations and identifying the sources of donations of $1,000 or more.
  • Voting against legislation that hides campaign contributions from constituents.



Democracy can only thrive when all people are protected by a fair and effective justice system.  I support honest, professional law-enforcement officers who risk their safety every day to protect us, and I recognize their and the rest of our community’s needs and challenges.  I promise to study and address those while focusing on:

  • Ongoing training for law enforcement officers and pay that fairly represents the value and difficulty of their service.
  • Ensuring fairness and accountability throughout the criminal justice system.
  • Addressing community issues that lead to higher crime.


The American Society of Civil Engineers gives infrastructure in Alabama a C- rating.  The middle of the pack may seem ok, but when combined with bad scores in education (bottom 5), economy (bottom 5), quality of life (bottom 10), technology and innovation (bottom 15) and workforce (bottom 15) it does nothing to add to our appeal.  We need to improve our infrastructure to reduce the number of bridges with restrictive weight limits.  For businesses, we need to ensure that job growth is met with expanded utility service, affordable energy, forward-thinking transportation planning, and growing classroom capacity.